Our Product Guide For A Minimalist, Non-Toxic Bathroom

The bathroom is an excellent place to get started when adopting a minimalist, non-toxic lifestyle. Read on to find out our tried and tested product recommendations!

Minimalist, Non-Toxic Bathroom Products

The bathroom is one of the easiest places to start with when you’re trying to minimise your possessions. Very few people keep anything of significant sentimental value in their bathroom, so there aren’t quite as many tough decisions to face. The bathroom is also the easiest place to make toxin-free and low-waste, with so many amazing product options available to us these days.

Without further ado, check out all of our minimalist, non-toxic and plant-based bathroom product recommendations below!



I use Grants Toothpaste (Xylitol with Mild Mint) which is completely free of toxins with a pleasant taste and texture. There’s a slight adjustment period as you get used to a paste that does not chemically foam up in your mouth – but this is only really a good thing. You may have a few slopping-out-of-your-mouth-unexpectedly moments. But now, whenever I am forced to use mainstream toothpaste, they seem weirdly frothy and gross to me.



I use the Flora & Fauna Bamboo Medium Toothbrushes. They are basically just like any other toothbrush, but without the plastic. The bristles are made of nylon, which can be ripped out and put in your recycling when the brush is done. The handle is biodegradable and can do in the compost or green bins. I change my toothbrush out every 8 weeks as recommended by dentists.

Dental Floss

We finally found a vegan, fully biodegradable dental floss option! We absolutely love The ECO Floss Plant Based Mint Floss and can report that it does the job very well.

Facial Cleanser


If you don’t have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you can skip this product and just use the body/shaving/hand cleanser for your face too. I have quite sensitive skin however, so I opt to use the Green + Kind Blemish Bar. This ensures no comedogenic oils come into contact with my face (my chosen body/shaving/hand cleanser contains coconut oil, which is listed as highly comedogenic for most skin types).

Body, Shaving & Hand Cleanser


I reject the notion that we need different synthetic chemicals for cleansing different areas of the body. So long as you are using a gentle, natural cleanser, it’s going to be just fine for use on your hands, body, intimate areas and shaving. I prefer a liquid soap in this case as it is extremely economical when mixed with water in a foaming pump. A large 946ml bottle can last a very long time and reduces the amount of plastic bottles you’re going through by a substantial amount. Of the liquid soap options, I opt for the Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap in Tea Tree as I find the tea tree oil makes a really big difference in keeping my skin clear.

Foam Pumps (2)


To make liquid soap last longer and be more convenient to use at the hand basin, I use the Cuisipro Foam Pumps in Black from Kitchen Warehouse. I keep one in the shower and one next to the hand basin. They are a plastic item, however the intention is to keep them forever and repeatedly refill them, rather than buying a new plastic bottle every time they run out. I find this brand particularly durable and high quality. They also have helpful guidelines on the side to show you how much liquid soap and water to add.



I have to admit, I tried shampoo bars for so long, hoping they would simplify my hair washing routine and reduce my plastic-use. But I couldn’t find one that didn’t leave my thick, wavy hair in waxy dreadlocks – no matter how much I rinsed. For now, I’ve gone back to more traditional shampoo, and love the Acure Curiously Clarifying Lemongrass & Argan Shampoo for this purpose. It’s gentle, smells lovely, and won’t strip your hair’s natural oils. It does come out of the bottle in quite a runny formula, so be mindful when you first use it.



To go with my shampoo, I use the Acure Body Beautiful Pear & Fig Conditioner. This stuff smells spectacular and does a great job of leaving my ends soft. My only comment would be that I find it quite a thick formula, especially when compared to the shampoo, so you have to squeeze the bottle quite a bit to get it out.

Toilet Paper

$56 For 48 Double-Length Rolls

I get my toilet paper delivered through Who Gives A Crap, who offer 100% bamboo paper with no inks, dyes or scents. They will send your toilet paper supply on a recurring schedule that matches your usage rate. I compared the pricing of their premium bamboo rolls to a Quilton 36-roll value pack at Woolworths. Who Gives a Crap came out at about $1.17 per roll, while Quilton came out at about $0.80 for an equivalent length roll. So while it is more expensive, I personally value having a non-toxic product as well as the convenience of automated delivery… as I am lazy. You can grab $10 off your first order by using this link!


$24 for 12 boxes

You might like to have a box of tissues for guests to use, otherwise I can’t think of many reasons why you can’t just use toilet tissue in the bathroom. If you’re using a natural, gentle toilet paper like the one covered above, there is very little difference between using that and tissues on your face (or whatever other purpose), other than perhaps the shape of the paper! If you do want a tissues however, Who Gives A Crap also offer forest-friendly, bamboo tissues. You can grab $10 off your first order by using this link!



I would definitely recommend a plastic-free razor like the 90R Parker Safety Razor. This brand offers stainless steel razors that should last you a lifetime. They are pleasantly heavy and nice to use.

Razor Blades


If you’re grabbing a Parker Razor, you’re going to need blades too. These can be recycled at most chemist/pharmacies, or you can find your nearest sharps disposal point. The great thing about this razor system is that the cost over time is substantially lower than mainstream brands, with no plastic waste. The cheapest razor refills we could find at Woolworths came in at $16.50 for 5, which is about 550% higher than the cost of a 5 pack of Shark Super Chrome Safety Blades. Being made with a chrome finish, they also stay sharper for longer than regular stainless steel blades.



Ideally, we should not live our lives worrying about a number on a scale. A healthy lifestyle should take care of that for you. But for anyone who particularly struggles with their eating, or has a health condition, in which case scales may be a motivational or critical tool, then they may be necessary to own. For now, I’m still working on my healthy lifestyle habits, and find scales a motivational tool to keep improving, so for now they stay, but eventually they will go. I have the Fitbit Aria 2 Scales, which integrate well with the Fitbit band that I wear to encourage more movement.

Bath Linen


I currently use old towels but when the time comes, I will replace all of my towels with…

  • 2 x Organic Cotton Bath Sheets
  • 1 x Organic Cotton Hand Towel
  • 1 x Organic Cotton Bath Mat
  • 1 x Organic Cotton Face Cloth

…in Slate Grey from Ecolinen. I keep 1 bath sheet/towel for myself, and the other as a spare for guests. If you foresee yourself ever having more than one guest at a time, you may need more bath sheets/towels than this. You can save $20 by getting the regular-sized bath towels instead of the larger bath sheets.

LAundry Hamper


My laundry hamper is actually a laundry bag, made with OEKO-TEX® certified, organic flax linen. I went for the natural linen colour to avoid any unnecessary dyes. You can grab this item from Etsy in two sizes. I think the smaller size is plenty large enough (66x88cm), though there is also a larger size (66x110cm) available. I love that this solution to laundry storage takes up absolutely no space, as I have it hanging in my wardrobe, and is easy to simply fold away. It also doubles as a travel laundry bag, which saves you from having to own yet another item! Best of all, this is a zero-waste item that will completely biodegrade when the time comes. No more bulky, plastic laundry hampers!



While you could technically do without a bin in your bathroom, and just walk any rubbish to your kitchen bin (the horror), this is probably not the nicest thing to do to your guests. Should they wish to discreetly throw away anything while using your bathroom, you should probably give them the option. I would recommend the Brabantia NewIcon Stainless Steel 3L Pedal Bin. This bin is made by a company who endeavour to be environmentally responsible. They use up to 40% recycled materials to make the bin itself, with 98% of the finished product able to be recycled too.

Anything Else?

If there’s anything else that I haven’t covered above, there’s a very high chance that I don’t think it’s personally necessary for me to own. Decorative items, excess skin products and tools can add extra clutter and expenses that I’m perfectly fine to live without. If you’re interested in adopting a minimalist lifestyle, I’d strongly encourage you to start cutting back to only the items that truly bring you value on a day to day basis, whether they match my essentials or not. Nothing bad can come of it!

As for any excess clutter that you no longer want to keep, I’d recommend (wherever possible) to recycle anything recyclable, and donate or give away anything that may be used or valued by others.

If you think I’ve missed any essentials in my collection above, please let me know in the comments below!

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