Our Top 5 Reasons To Visit The Sydney Vegan Market

We attended the Sydney Vegan Market's 1st Birthday! Check out our experience and our top 5 reasons (in no particular order) why you should come along next time!

Reason 1: The Treats

There is no holier place on earth for vegan treats than at Sydney Vegan Market. My biggest problem in life these days appears to be working out the logistics of how I’m going to get all the treats I want home in one piece, because you can bet your ass I’d be violently ill if I didn’t span this out over several days.

I have a few essential tips for you, reader. First, you simply can’t go past a tart from Treat Dreams, particularly the lemon tart. It’s solely responsible for a significant portion of my excess weight but… can’t lie, I’d eat them all again fourteen times over. Second, get to the market early to get a scroll from Mylk and Bun as they will sell out… every, single, time. And finally, grab a slice of the Notella Cream Pie from OM Vegan Kitchen. It will remind you of the best kind of home baking from your childhood.

Reason 2: The Puppers

Dogs are wildly encouraged to attend the Sydney Vegan Market, and they do in droves. You’ll find all shapes, all sizes, and all levels of best boy behaviour. A lot of the puppers come dressed in their finest bandanas or with enviable hairdos (think pig-tails and top-knots), so don’t hold back from being a completely extra fur-parent if you want to bring your dressed-to-the-nines waggly-butt with you.

There’s plenty of free water available at the water station, lots of smells, and lots of pats. Our scientific estimate would be that each dog receives approximately 4099 pats throughout the day.

Reason 3: The Stalls

Whether you want to burn a hole in your wallet or make fine use of all the free samples (no judgement), there’s a huge range of stalls in attendance at the Sydney Vegan Market with a lot of variety on offer. It’s a great place to find gifts or simply treat yourself.

It’s especially cool to be able to meet a lot of the founders of the brands and organisations there. You’ll find Suzy cooking up her famous sausages, Lis blending up chocolate frappes, Neva chatting to people about her mission at Hart Acres Animal Sanctuary and countless other innovative and compassionate figures from the vegan community.

Reason 4: The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is one of the most notable things about the Sydney Vegan Market. I’m yet to find anyone there who isn’t kind and friendly. There is a sense of common cause and it’s nice to be surrounded by people who share your understanding of human health, animal welfare and environmental issues.

For one day a month, the positivity of the plant-based ethos is the majority, and hateful/wilful ignorance to the way we treat our bodies, animals and the earth is drowned out, just the way it should be.

Reason 5: The food

So yes, this is sort of the same as reason 1. But I make the rules around here so now “treats” and “food” are 2 different things. I believe we have seperate chambers in our stomachs for both anyway. Nothing else can really explain to me how I manage it all.

There are stalls upon stalls of options at Sydney Vegan Market, which is why I always recommend arriving early to ensure you have room for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses and lunch. I would also challenge you to try something different every time, as tempting as it can be to return to your favourites. Every time I have “braved” a new option, I’ve suddenly made a new favourite, so there really is no losing here.

This month, the absolute winner for me were the Pluto Pups from Big Wheel. I’m typically not a fan of mock-meat, but this was something else entirely. And yes I like a generous amount of tomato sauce, SUE ME.

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