Vegan Gift Ideas for 2019

Looking for ideas and inspiration on buying a gift for the vegan in your life? This guide has got you covered with sections split up into all different budgets.

We’ve curated the products below with the aim of highlighting fresh brands and trending product types in 2019, to ensure you find something new and interesting! So whether you have a new vegan friend, family member or significant other in your life this year, or are simply in need of some fresh inspiration, this guide should have you covered for gift ideas, including where to buy them and catering to all different budgets! We have no sponsorships with any of the brands and everything below is available to buy either locally or online Australia-wide.

Budget: $10 - $50

We’ve fallen completely in love with Loco Love Chocolates. The packaging is as gorgeous as the ingredients and intention that goes into making them. They taste seriously delicious and have an array of fillings to suit everyone. For a truly beautiful and indulgent gift that any vegan would surely love, they offer a 9 piece gift box for $39.95.

This is a great gift option for someone who already has it all, or even if they are a minimalist. Cedar + Stone create a beautiful range of mists which can be used to add a fragrance to wherever you may be spending time throughout the day, such as your work desk or pillow. Cedar + Stone Mists are priced at $20-$25 each, depending on the scent.
Ethique are a luxe brand specialising in skin and hair care products. The notable difference in their products is that they are all in bar form, with no plastic packaging. Think shampoo bars, conditioner bars, moisturiser bars, facial cleanser bars and even deodorant bars! A good gift option from this range would be either of the Ethique Sampler Collections at $29.95 each.

We adore Distillery Fragrance House’s Soulful Jasmine and Vanilla Soy Candle. These candles are beautifully designed with their wooden lids and have a lovely scent that fills the whole room. They are vegan, cruelty-free and toxin-free. The packaging is all also either recyclable or biodegradable. Natural Health Organics sell their candle range through their website at a really decent price of $25 each.

For something a little unique, check out the Diffuser and Pure Blend Oil Set from Devine Oils! We found this at one of our local markets, but you can also grab it through their website. The oil scent diffuses through the wooden lid of the diffuser and can be hung anywhere! We grabbed it with their “Spring” essential oil blend, but can confirm all of their blends smell amazing and you really can’t go too wrong whichever you choose! The set comes in at $38.

For a gift that gives in multiple ways, check out the awesome tote bags and clothing from Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary. Available with stunning hand-drawn graphics of four of their famous residents, Daffodil, Moby, Valentine and Edna, they make for a great gift while supporting a great cause. The tote bags come in at $35 each.

Look you can never have too many candles, okay? You just can’t, everyone knows. So here’s another beautiful vegan, toxin-free candle brand. Mojo Candle Co. Candles are a little unique in that they come in reclaimed wine and beer bottles for that extra wow-factor. The scents are as stunning as the containers and once again, you just can’t go wrong here! The wine bottle candles come in at $39.95 while the beer bottle candles come in at $24.90.

We were recently gifted this awesome tote bag and we are constantly asked where we got it when we’re out and about! It would make a really cute gift and all for a wonderful cause. There’s even a dog version if you’re so inclined! It’s offered by Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, a no-kill shelter here in Sydney, so all proceeds go towards helping dogs and cats (plus the odd bunny or bird) in need. The tote bags come in at $15 each.

I can confidently say I was never even vaguely interested in, nor remotely ever cared about soap… until one day, with no provocation, I was suddenly, inexplicably, deeply into soap. So now, soap is awesome. Getting a gift pack of luxurious, natural soaps is also therefore awesome. A great place to start would be The ANSC All Australian Gift Pack of 5 handmade, deluxe-sized soaps for $42.
Bass Hairbrushes and Combs are luxurious, eco-friendly brushes made from bamboo and natural rubber. At first, it feels like the wooden bristles will surely break, but you quickly realise they are as sturdy as any plastic brush but without the harsh pulling! They come in a good range of styles and sizes. Prices fall between $16.95 and $24.95. Pair it with an ANSC Solid Shampoo Bar at $9.95 for a really nice hair care gift.

Treat Dreams
are renowned for thier amazing fondant-filled chocolates. We particularly recommend the dream eggs at $30 for a carton of 6, or the mint or strawberry chocolate bears at $24.95 for a pack of 10. They may seem a little on the expensive side, but they are decadent, luxurious and ever so worth it!

Another super popular product this year has been reclaimed Green + Kind Coconut Bowls. If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably come across them at some point, usually adorned with painfully beautiful foods inside that ain’t nobody got time to make in the real world, but we can all pretend! Pricing starts at $9.95 per bowl and you can also grab matching bowl & cutlery sets for the perfect gift.

Confirmed by absolutely everyone, regardless of their diet: Vego Spread is 100% better than Nutella. This delicious spread will not disappoint even the most discerning chocolate-lover and can be picked up from The Cruelty Free Shop for $8.95.

The Urban Greens Kits are a really cool gateway into urban gardening for any age. Whether your recipient is too low on space for a normal garden, or if you think something like this may be nice to simply brighten up their kitchen, these kits make great gifts. They offer a whole variety of kit themes, from cocktail herbs to growing your own tea! Pricing sits at $24.95 for most of the kits.

We stumbled upon Lucerna Candles at the Fitzroy Cruelty Free Shop one day and never have we ever smelt anything more insanely delicious than their Lemon Syrup Biscotti Candle. It’s so nice that we rarely burn it for fear of using it all up! We’d also strongly recommend their Avocado & Mint Candle which we sampled in store. All of their large candles are available for $32.90.

Do you know a vegan who misses sitting on the couch and devouring an entire box of cookies in times of great shame and/or sadness and/or whatever other excuse? They need miss no more. Back To Nature Choc Chip Cookies are not only vegan, but taste pretty much identical to the mainstream boxed cookie brands. At just $6.59 a box, you’ll have no excuse not to buy them in multiples! Pair them with some Dandies All Natural Vanilla Marshmallows and you’re all set!

If your recipient has a sweet tooth, the chocolate-coated honeycomb from The Red Balloon Candy Artisans might be the perfect thing at $8.50. We’re not proud about it, but we ate the entire bag in one sitting, so let our calorie sacrifice be a testament to it’s deliciousness. They offer a raspberry version too, which is actually our personal favourite by a mile!

Lily Lolo has recently blown up in popularity across a number of vegan retailers in Australia, and offers some beautiful products backed by a whole lot of honest, positive reviews. A great gift option would be the Lily Lolo Starter Kit
at $32, or a Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Palette
 at $44.

EcoTools create eco-friendly makeup brushes without the use of animal hair. They are also extremely affordable and most of their sets come in under $50 each, making them a great choice for a makeup lover. We particularly like their EcoTools Mystic Luxe Duo Set with double-ended brushes, as this saves on a little space and having to own quite so many brushes. This kit is priced at $24.99.
This one would make a great little stocking stuffer type of gift. Dirty Hippie Perfume Balms are a really unique way of wearing a natural fragrance. At $20 per balm, they come packaged in fully recyclable tins and are applied by rubbing in to the neck, wrists or wherever else your recipient feels like! They come in four different scents to suit your individual recipients.
Possibly one of the most well known products in the vegan makeup/skin care world, Hurraw! Lip Balms are a pretty safe gift option for just about anyone. They make great stocking stuffers at just $6.45 each and come in a huge range of colours, tints and flavours.
Another new product to the mainstream market this year are Smoothie Bombs. The brand itself is around 8 years old now, and focuses on creating tightly packed parcels that look a bit like protein balls. Rather than eating them as is, they are intended to be added to smoothies, giving them a great nutritional boost without any extra mess or fuss. They sell for $12.95 for a tube of 5 bombs and are available in all different flavours.
If you know a vegan who is trying, or interesting in trying to reduce their intake of processed sugar, The Chocolate Yogi‘s product range have you covered. We particularly recommend their Astral, Peppermint, Strawberry and Caramel flavours. Prices start at $1.80 for the smaller Oscar bars and $3.95 for the regular bars. You’re gonna need lots.
If your recipient is a chocolate lover, you may want to introduce them to the Heavenly Hazel Choc Hazelnut Spread by Nourishing Bites. Purported to be a very close dupe of Nutella, this spread can be enjoyed on toast/pizza, used as a dip for fruit pieces or eaten straight off the spoon. Pricing starts at $7.50.

Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher sell all manner of vegan meat alternatives and are well regarded as one of the top curators for taste and quality. You can order from their full range through their website, or find them stocked in various health food, Go Vita or Harris Farm Markets stores all over Australia. Pricing for most items falls within the $11 – $14 range.

This product is reasonably new on the market and has been a long time coming! Previously, it was difficult to find deodorant in plastic-free packaging, but the Woohoo! Deodorant range offers not just one, but 3 options in 100% recyclable tins. You can pick them up for $10.95 each. Just make sure your recipient doesn’t think you’re giving them a hint if you add this one to your gift!

A cute stocking stuffer idea for the eco-conscious vegan would be the Green + Kind Stainless Steel Straws . Perfect for anyone addicted to Boost Juices or similar who is trying to cut back on single-use plastics, these kits come with 2 reusable steel straws, a pouch to keep them in, and a cleaning brush. Available in either regular or smoothie thickness (smoothie straws are a bit wider), as well as straight or bent and in varying quantities. Pricing ranges from $6.95 to $15.95.

For a unique gift for the health-conscious vegan, check out the sprouting kits offered by Wholesome Supplies. Growing sprouts is super easy and requires very little effort, but allows your recipient to have a constant supply of ultra-nutritious sprouts to add to salads and smoothies. Wholesome Supplies offer a variety of kits for around $29.95 each.

The Quick Flick has been all over Facebook and Instagram this year. This is a truly innovative and high quality product, allowing makeup lovers to apply their winged eyeliner in a flash (we tested it ourselves!). This would make a great gift for any makeup wearer who is yet to try it! You can pick them up for $34.95 each and they come in a few different shades and sizes.

A great stocking stuffer idea would be a polish from Sienna of Byron Bay. These nail polishes come in a huge range of beautiful colours and will stand out on your recipients dresser with their natural wooden lids. Each colour sells for $25.

You can usually find Mayuri at Sydney Vegan Market, but they also have a shop on Etsy. They create high-quality bracelets that come with a range of gemstones as well as absorbent kiln-fired terracotta beads. Put a few drops of your choice of essential oil on the absorbent beads and the bracelet will become a perfume diffusers for 2-3 days! Then, simply repeat the process for ongoing fragrance. Pricing is approximately $35 per bracelet.

A Parker Razor is more than just your average razor, it’s an item for life. These razors are built to last and will not only save your recipient a huge amount of money over time, but they will also reduce plastic waste too. They have a high-quality, heavy feel, and are both easy and enjoyable to use. Parker razors are best paired with a pack of Shark Super Chrome Safety Blades.

If you know a keen traveller, or just someone who likes to be out and about, a Seed & Sprout Travel Utensil Pouch may be a great idea for them! We particularly like this kit because it covers absolutely everything you ever need in one kit, and includes napkins so that you can wrap up dirty cutlery and keep your bag clean, which most other kits don’t include. The kit is priced at $39.

This limited edition gift from Inika is excellent value for money. With the Inika Flutter Eyes Gift Set, your recipient will receive a small zipper pouch, a liquid eyeliner and a mascara. The value of these items when purchased separately is roughly double the price of this gift kit, so it’s really great value for money at $45.

Budget: $50 - $100

Kora Organics offer an extensive range of luxurious skin care products and are highly regarded for their quality. Two great options from this line would be their Give Confidence, which includes a tanning lotion. Alternatively if your recipient doesn’t much care for tanning, they may prefer the Give Kindness, which offers a good mix of products for anyone. Both sets are available from Nourished Life for $99.95 each.

The Gatherer’s Grove offer a really unique range of sterling silver jewellery, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more, often featuring natural stones such as moonstone, opal, turquoise and clear quartz. Pricing ranges anywhere from $29.95 to $94.95 depending on the piece, with around half of their collection falling under $50, while the rest falls under $100.

We have purchased and received as gifts a couple of wallets and bags from Urban Originals
over the years, and are happy to report that they have lasted very well as our everyday wallets and bags! Urban Originals offer a wide variety of modern and interesting designs, with pricing starting at around $59.95 – $109.95 for bags and $49.95 – $59.95 for wallets.

This is a nice option for anyone who enjoys wearing natural scents. The Vanessa Megan Natural Perfume Collection is made out of 100% natural and alcohol-free ingredients, and infused with organic essential oils. The great thing about this option is that you get 5 different perfumes in the kit, so your recipient is bound to find something they like! The collection costs $63.95.

If your recipient enjoys yoga, or maybe has shown in interest in getting started, a natural yoga mat might be a great form of inspiration for them! We love the natural, biodegradable and plastic-free mats offered by Mukti Mats, which you can pick up online for $84.95 – $94.95, depending on which one you go with. Mukti Mats offer free shipping as an added bonus!

We love The Beauty Chef‘s range. Their products look and feel very indulgent and make for excellent gifts. Our favourite is the Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder which you can get from either Nourished Life , or directly from The Beauty Chef, for $59.95. We add it to our smoothies sometimes where it gives a subtle berry taste and adds a nice nutritional boost. You could also check out The Beauty Chef’s full range of other products, which are formulated to help with a range of skin and health concerns.

There aren’t too many vegans who would complain about receiving a delicious gift hamper from The Cruelty Free Shop! Filled with a variety of products, this gift will allow your vegan recipient to potentially try out a whole bunch of new products and maybe find some new favourites! The Cruelty Free Shop offers a wide range of hampers to choose from, with most falling below $100. We’d particularly recommend the Cocoa Luxe Gift Hamper at $86.95.

Another super beautiful brand that has been popping up all over the place year is The Physic Garden. We love their plastic-free, recyclable packaging and magical-esque (that’s not a word) branding, not to mention their organic, herb-filled formulas. They offer two different collections which would make perfect gifts. The Physic Garden
offer two ready-made gift kits for $54.95 each, or you could create your own kit from their entire range.

For something unique, sustainable and very, very eye-catching, check out the Yogibeings Copper Water Bottle range. There’s a big variety of sizes, shapes and finishes and pricing varies between $49 and $58.

If your recipient comes home laden with shopping bags from time to time, the Seed & Sprout Farmers Market Shopping Bundle might be an excellent idea for them! At $99, you get an assortment of 14 different organic cotton bags, allowing your recipient to skip single-use plastics for good.

For a gift of comfort, how about treating your recipient to a beautiful 100% organic cotton pillow? Mainstream pillows are filled with materials derived from petroleum and can contain a number of toxins, particularly the foam types. Organature on the other hand have a strong stance on avoiding all toxins. We’d recommend the Hi-Loft %100 Organic Cotton Pillow for $67 each.

The ANSC Cologne make a beautiful gift, particularly when purchased as a set of three minis. This will give your recipient a range of scents to choose from. They come in either 15ml or 100ml sizes. We’d recommend grabbing each of the scents in 15ml, coming in at $29.95 each for a total of $89.85 for the set.

Budget: $100 - $200

Another really unique makeup brand that went big this year was Elate Cosmetics, particularly with their magnetic bamboo palettes. You can either grab a pre-made palette such as their Pro Essentials Eyeshadow Palette for $199.95, or make your own by buying an empty bamboo palette (they offer small, medium and large sizes) and then filling them with your own desired mixture of Elate’s eye shadow, cheek and foundation pressed powders.
Tasi Travels  have established themselves as one of Australia’s leading brands in ethical, vegan, minimalist fashion and offer a really nice range for all types and sizes. Most pieces fall within the $150 – $200 price range, but unlike mainstream brands are beautifully handmade and built to last. We strongly support the idea of owning fewer, higher quality clothing items rather than falling into the habit of spending ongoing money on fast-fashion items that don’t make the distance.
Inika are one of the most well known and original vegan makeup brands out there. This year they are offering a brand new kit in the form of their Baked In A Box kits, for $109 each. They come in 5 different shades for different skin tones. If you happen to know that your recipient prefers loose powders over baked (compacted) powders, you could instead opt for their Face In A Box kits, for $99 each.

If you’re near Sydney, a gift voucher to O Bar and Dining would be a luxurious dinner experience to give to your special person. O Bar and Dining are a fine dining restaurant and the whole evening is an experience in itself. The restaurant revolves for 360 degree views of Sydney, the service is impeccable and their dedicated vegan menu is completely mouth-watering. Pricing starts at $90 per person for 2 courses, so a $200 gift voucher would suit.

Budget: $200 And Beyond

If you are really out to spoil someone, you might want to check out Votch’s award-winning collection of vegan watches. Made from a blend of TPE, polyester and cotton, they are PVC/phthalate/PFC/flame retardant/bromine/heavy metal free. Pricing sits at $216 to $269 depending on the model you choose, with free shipping to Australia. You’ll need to order ahead for this option, as they will be shipping from the United Kingdom.

We adore our Peak Design Everyday backpack for travel. It is perfect for anyone who needs to regularly move around with both a camera and a laptop and makes airport security a lot easier. Peak Design also offer messenger, sling and tote style bags. Before purchasing, be sure to double check which of their products are vegan. With shipping and after conversion, pricing starts at around $410.

This is an awesome idea for anyone who likes modern/functional design. This 100% recyclable Koala Timber Bed Base is made with an oakum surface and cottonwood ply, with an inner honeycomb layer made from pressed cardboard to keep it light. The coolest thing about it is that it takes just 4 minutes to put together and take apart with no tools needed. The sturdy construction involves no screws and only water-based glues and surface coating. At $800 for the queen, the price is very reasonable for such a modern, well-designed product.

If you want to give a very long-lasting gift, a vegan organic latex mattress will be sure to impress. The Natural Bedding Company offer a range of eco-friendly, handmade, luxury mattresses that not only contain no toxins, but can also be made completely vegan. Just be sure to ask for no wool during checkout. An entry-level queen mattress will cost you around $2732 and go up to $3420 for their most premium option. They also offer a beautiful range of organic latex pillows, organic cotton and French linen sheets as well as quilt covers.

General Tips

To round out this guide, here are some general tips to set you in the right direction in case nothing you see above quite fits the person you’re buying for.


You’ve heard it all before but seriously, home-made gifts are bad-ass. Who wouldn’t be happy with a fresh batch of home-made cookies? Or perhaps you’re a great drawer/painter? Some of the best gifts are those that cost the least.


Memories never get old and can be treasured for a lifetime. Places like Red Balloon offer experience gifts – but for best results, we’d recommend thinking of something more personalised for your recipient and arranging it directly. Think booking them to a nice hotel getaway, concert tickets, wild dolphin watching, a day-course in photography/cooking/mixology/chocolate-making or maybe organising a meal at their favourite restaurant.


We don’t know many vegans who wouldn’t be happy to have a donation made on their behalf to a good cause. Many animal sanctuaries offer sponsorship or buddy programs, allowing you to sponsor a specific animal on behalf of your recipient for a certain amount of time.


Another budget-friendly and often well-received idea is giving IOU’s. What that essentially boils down to is a piece of paper upon which you sell your soul in the form of favours, chores or treats that the recipient can cash in later. Think massages, cooked meals, running errands, and anything else you’ll probably regret offering to do when your recipient cashes in.

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